insert cliche coffee shop head shot here…..

insert cliche coffee shop head shot here…..


I’m Ashley! I am the owner/photographer/email answerer/editing ninja/light chasing/location scouting/instagram posting/office supply buyer at Living Tree Designs!

Thanks for checking out my work! I am an artist at heart, and my favorite medium is photography. I have been obsessed with photography from a young age and have countless boxes of old film and prints from my younger days. My favorite things to photograph are love stories and lightning! Maybe one day I could find a couple brave enough to combine both (if that’s you stop reading now and continue on to my contact sheet, I love you already).

I love all things yoga, Rachel Hollis, am a volunteer fire fighter, am obsessed with my Cricut machine, love office supplies, have two mostly adorable children and a fantastic husband, love all kinds of music and my favorite bands are Queen, The Eagles, and The Beatles I can be a little quirky and awkward most of the time and I love spicy food.

Even stranger facts about me…. (and you thought this was weird already) I have a culinary arts degree (the cookie question in the contact sheet totally makes sense now right?) and I hate it when people touch my elbows.

My ideal clients: Those that love to laugh as much as they love each other!

Non-Wedding Portfolio