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The fun Stuff

Hi!  I am Ashley, Owner/Photographer of Living Tree Designs!  

 Photo by: Stevi Foster

Photo by: Stevi Foster

10 Random things about me:

10.  I hate having my picture taken.

9.  I love German Shepherd Dogs I have a 1 year old female named Holly. 

8. I am a volunteer firefighter/EMR in the little town I live in.

9.  My favorite things to take pictures of are bluebonnets, stars, and lighting. 

8. My favorite color is purple.

7. I'm very superstitious. 

6. I did an internship at Disney World.

5. I love spicy food!

4. My husband is a musician, he plays guitar, bass, and double bass. 

3. I love anyplace with water.  Beaches, lakes, streams, ponds, fountains... I think it's the Aquarius in me.

2. My little boy is my whole world. 

1. I love meeting new people!