Hi guys! Welcome back to my wedding planning series! You’ve crossed the venue off, hired your photographer (if not go fill out the contact page and lets chat asap), now it’s time to find your dress!

We are so lucky in Lubbock we have several amazing options for dress shopping, but my personal favorite has got to be Bella’s Bridal! The girls there are absolutely amazing and take the time to get to know their brides and help find them the perfect dress! They have a huge selection of dresses in the store from a wide variety of designers!

So now that you guys know my favorite… here is a list of tips and tricks from myself and one of the owners of Bella’s! If you were at our Bridal Bootcamp event, then you were lucky enough to get to hear this first hand, if not… I took notes!!!

  1. Dress Shapes are for everyone! There is no right or wrong style of dress for your body type. If you love the dress, buy it! It’s your day and you get to wear whatever makes you look and feel your best!

  2. You are not Beyonce… lol (they didn’t actually say this, but kinda) When shopping for a dress, the less people you bring, the better chance you have of finding your dress. Everyone will have an opinion about every dress you try on, and will in turn, it make you feel self conscious and start to doubt your awesomeness (refer to 1. on the list about getting to look and feel your best) Try and limit your dress shopping entourage to just a few people to help you decide.

  3. Fabrics- If you are traveling for your wedding, or having a destination wedding, ask about how your dress will hold up and how to properly stream it out on arrival.

  4. Reputable Shops - Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self! Read reviews! With the recent news about a local shop not actually ordering dresses, this is definitely something to be concerned about. Also… that super cheap dress you found online, don’t even think about it. Do your self a favor and google “Dresses from China.”.

  5. Research - After you google the China Dresses, take some time to do some research and have some ideas of what types of dresses you like. Also, be prepared to try something completely different the day of. Trust your consultant at your appointment. She sees people in and out of dresses all day and knows what looks good!

  6. Give your self plenty of time to get your dress. Most dresses take around 6 months to be made and can take even longer to come in.

  7. Dress size - Two things here…. Women’s sizing sucks. A size 8 in one thing, will not be a size 8 in another. If your dress says it’s two sizes larger than your normal size, don’t stress your self into some crazy diet. Also… order your dress to fit, everyone says they are going to loose a bunch of weight before their wedding, but in reality, it doesn’t always happen that way. It’s always easier for an alterations specialist to remove fabric than to add fabric.

  8. “A Dress Does Not an Outfit Make” - When budgeting for your dress, make sure to think about things like veils, shoes, jewelry, shape ware, and petticoats.

I hope this helps you along your journey! I know this decision is huge and us gals need all the help we can get sometimes!


Ashley Saed - Owner, Living Tree Designs