It’s my favorite time of year! The Lubbock Bridal Showcase is just around the corner and it is the largest Wedding Expo in Lubbock! I absolutely love this expo! There are over 100 local vendors and the energy that fills the civic center is just amazing! This is a great resource for newly engaged brides as well as those who are further along in the planning! I’ve attended this show as a bride to be, a maid of honor, and as a vendor and it’s always a blast! This year, I’ve decided combine all of my experience into a little cheat sheet for those of you who are attending for the first time, or for those of you who want to make the most of your day!

Giveaways: Enter them all! Well… unless it’s something you already have done or have booked. The giveaways at these shows are always AMAZING! The best way to do this and not end up with carpel tunnel by the end of the show is to print out some address labels with your NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS, WEDDING DATE, AND LOCATION/VENUE. This will save you a million times over from having to write all of this info again and again.

Your Entourage: Bring them! Bring your Mom, your future Mother-in-Love, your bridal party! Bring them with you! They can help you carry things, help document great ideas, and are there to help you bounce ideas around! You may or may not want to bring your fiancé… most guys aren’t really into things like this and if they aren’t, then make it a girls day and avoid the hassle of having someone rushing your around the event. Side note: There is a Grooms Room at the Lubbock Bridal Showcase, so they will have some entertainment if they do decide to come.

Email: Be prepared to get a billion of them after the show (from myself included). This is how I personally thank brides and I usually offer a few extra perks to the ones who stop by my booth. It might be a good idea to make a specific wedding email address to help you keep all of the wedding planning separate from your regular inbox, plus you would hate to miss an important email in the mix of all of the other millions of marketing emails we get all day!

Crowds: It WILL be crowded! This show draws in over 1000 people every year. A couple of options are, purchase a VIP ticket in advance to get in early, come a little later to avoid the starting rush, or start at the back of the room and make your way towards the front! Whatever you do, make sure to stay for the fashion show at the end!

The Style Show: Speaking of that…. As I mentioned, stay until the end! This is where the show gives out over $15,000 in prizes and a Honeymoon Package! You also get to see some of the newest styles of wedding dresses, formal wear, and accessories!

Your Phone: Bring it and make sure you have plenty of battery! There will be lots of amazing decor and this place will look like a wedding Pinterest board on crack. Take lots of photos, trust us, we don’t mind! We take lots of pride in designing and decorating our booths and love it when brides love our ideas too! Your calendar is also a good thing to have updated on your phone. Lots of vendors offer extra discounts and give away chances if you book with them the same day or book a private consultation at the event.

Calculator: I know phones have built in calculators, so bust that bad boy out and really calculate some savings! We offer some pretty sweet deals at this show and the savings are incredible!

Cash/Card: You might want to have some on hand incase you want to purchase items, grab a glass of wine from the bar, or go ahead and take advantage of the show deals and get that deposit/retainer paid today before someone else grabs that sweet deal!

Color Swatches: Swatches help you coordinate decor, formal wear, cakes, accessories, and more. If you are set on a certain color or color scheme this will help you address any color related items.

Research the Show: Look up the vendors, stalk their Instagram’s, make a list of the key vendors you want to see and meet! You can also go ahead and snag your tickets or those super awesome VIP tickets in advance!

Bags: You do get a bag when you come in, but it’s always a great idea to have an extra one! You will leave with a TON of info, pricing, and fun little giveaways!

Shoes: Wear comfy ones! There is a lot of walking and standing at this event. Soooo unless you are a super model and/or can run a marathon in 6 inch heels, I’d leave them at home. There’s nothing worse than your feet hurting, unless you are having to wade though 1000 other people and walk a mile back to your car in those same shoes that hurt. Trust me, those flats are just as cute as those heels!

Follow Up: Take some notes, keep those cards handy! After the show we tend to book quick! This is our busiest booking season. If you fell in love with a vendor call or email them asap!

WOW!! That was looonnggg! Shout out to you if you are still with me! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a blast at show! Make sure to stop by and say hello!


Ashley Saed

Owner/Lead Photographer Living Tree Designs

Images below were provided by Showcase Productions

Photo Credit: Captivated Images

Photo Credit: Captivated Images