I absolutely love shooting engagement sessions, but I will also admit that they make me a little nervous!  It's the photographer equivalent of a first second date.  Now we've of course already met, but this is where we really get to spend time with our clients getting to know them and their personalities as well as vice versa.  It's also the most amount of time we get to spend with the groom before the big day as most of my communication is with the bride until this point.  

I've noticed over the past few years that there are 3 types of of grooms:  The Enthusiastic Groom, The Middle Mans, and the Hands off McGees.  I would totally classify Michael as one of The Enthusiasticly Involved ones!  He was champ with all of my strange requests, ideas, and silly games and it definitely paid off!  You can see in these photos not only the love they have for each other, but the friendship as well. 

Now of course my brides are always super into every session we do, and Danica was no exception to that rule.  She looked absolutely stunning and had every detail planned perfectly <3  I am so excited to help these two capture this special time in their lives and am even more excited about the new friendships I will make along the way!

Venue: Eberley Brooks Event Center - Lubbock, Texas