Ahhh... Step one!  I did it!  I took a big leap and started a blog!  I will be using this space to keep everyone posted on all of the new and exciting projects I'm working on. I guess I'll start by filling you in a little about me!  As you can see I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Lubbock, Texas.  I started shooting professionally about two years ago.  I've always been obsessed with taking photos and pretty places and things so this kinda fell into my lap naturally.  Before becoming a full time photographer, I was a chef/event planner and have worked all over the country in various kitchens and resorts. I don't cook much for anyone other than my family anymore but I'm very glad I have that background and can make a mean chocolate soufflé!   

I am married... I will actually be celebrating my 4 year anniversary tomorrow.  We have one little boy who will be 3 in April.  These two keep me on my toes and things are always a little hectic around my house.  My husband is a musician and is the music minister at our church.  He also works as an engineering tech at a local semi conductor factory.  Also... if you have followed me at all over the past few years you have probably seen the the millions of photos I've taken of his band Gypsy Jayne and the Travelers. 

My little one enjoys playing dinosaurs, trucks, trains, and believes he is part monster.  I'm lucky enough to get to spend a few days a week home with him.  On those days we tumble, play outside, and make lots of big messes! 


What I'll blog...  Weddings, sessions, new toys/gear, and whatever else I feel like sharing!