Holy Smokes!  I now feel the pain of every single one of my clients with small kiddos!  I thought I was on top of things as I had already bought Mason a new Easter/Birthday picture outfit a few weeks ago, we had a hair cut earlier this week, and boom  an easy 30 mins in and out of the studio and we would be done.  

Boy was I wrong!  The day started with me not being able to find his khaki pants, so we opted for some khaki shorts I found in the hamper, they looked clean enough so we went with that.  About half way to the studio we realized Mason had spilt his drink all over his pants so we stopped at Target on the way in and picked up a new pair of khakis (even though we have like 3 pairs of khakis already... smh  Praise Jesus for the Starbucks in Target though because I NEEDED it!)  

Sooo now that we have our new pants we get to the studio, and guess what.  I FORGOT my key.  Luckily I have awesome co-op folks who I share the space with and was able to score a key without having to drive ALL the way back home.  We get there and I get everything set up and get Mason into his new pants and all ready to go.  At this point I am sooooo glad that I decided not to be a "Pinterest Mom" and wanted to do a very simple shoot in black and white to help capture turning 3.  

Things went as well as most 3 year old shoots go, but my poor husband had never experienced this and I'm pretty sure he was about to pull his hair out.  Two, three, and four year olds are by far the hardest to shoot.  They have NO desire to sit still and smile for the camera and it takes lots of hard work from Moms and the Photogs alike.  I now understand why people always say "I'll be happy with ONE good shot!" 

So my point in sharing this is to let all the Moms out there know that they are not alone in the struggle of photo taking and we should all take a moment to pat ourselves on the back for going through such craziness to capture memories of our families!  


PS... I managed to get 10 good shots!!!

PSS.... Edited to include that bribes really help!  Mason is the proud new owner of a firetruck, ambulance, and police car all with lights and sirens (whatever works right!)