Ohhhhh this sweet gal has me wrapped around her finger already, and by the looks of it, she has Mom and Dad's too <3 Sweet little Remmi was born about 8 weeks early and had to spend some time hanging out with all of the awesome NICU nurses at Covenant.  Now this sweet little gal is nearly 3 months old and is keeping Mom and Dad on their toes! Since we normally shoot newborn sessions, just a few days after babies are born but by the time Remmi was able to go home, she had already passed the sleepy baby phase and was wide awake through out her newborn session.  So we went to plan B, which was an in home lifestyle session!  

Now when I look back to when my 3 year old was that age, everything seems like such a blur and I'm wishing I would have had someone come in and capture the love, sweat, and tears that goes into taking care of a newborn.  I wanted to capture how strong and brave her Mom has been with everything that goes into taking care of a newborn, especially a premie.  

Kristi and Blake have been amazing and have kept a positive and loving attitude through out the whole 3 month process of getting to bring their baby home, having to keep sweet Remmi at home and away from all the germs as a premie, and now finally getting to take their sweet little baby out on a few adventures.  I hope you guys look back on these photos years from now and they help you remember how precious this time has been.  I want you to remember the smiles, the messy mom buns, the dirty diapers, the pumping (even when it's awful), and most importantly the love  <3

This is a day in their life <3