Session Overview

At Living Tree Designs we strive for our clients to have fun and enjoy our sessions, so we have put together a little cheat sheet!

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As a Mom of two I TOTALLY get how stressful photoshoots can be, so I'm going to share a few tips and trips I've learned along the way!

-"Hangry" children do not take good photos.  Please make sure to adjust your feeding/snack schedule the day of.  Also it's always a great idea to throw a snack or two into the diaper bad just incase they get hungry mid shoot.

-Tired children hate taking photos more than the "hangry" ones.  Make sure your littles get a good nap the day of the shoot.  Most sessions take place in the late evening which can interfere with normal bed times (I hate this too, but the best outdoor lighting is the 2 hours after sunrise and 2 hours after sunset)

-Prizes/Rewards Most kids I know love a good prize!  Think of ways we can keep them motivated before the session!  I also try to keep a few prizes on hand as well.

-Special Needs, I know all kids are different and some need a little more time and attention.   Please let me know of any thing I can do to help your session run smoother. 



There are a million articles and pins about what to wear for a photo session.  My best advice is for "Mom" to pick out a cute and COMFORTABLE outfit then then coordinate everyone else around her.    

For other ideas check out some of these links:



Location and flow

I love location scouting!  I spend hours searching for just the right places for your sessions. That being said, I love it when a client has a great location or idea!  Please feel free to call or text with any ideas for your session!

Work flow... my goal is for everyone to have a fun and successful photoshoot.  I try to keep things moving, keep kids happy, and everyone smiling.  Sometimes we have meltdowns, sometimes everyone is 100% into the shoot, and sometimes we get distracted and thats ok.  

If we finish a few minutes early or a few minutes late, please never feel rushed or short changed on time.  I promise to always make sure we have plenty of amazing shots for you and your family.  Also... if you feel that I have missed a shot or would like to include a shot we haven't discussed, please let me know! This is your session and I want to make sure we have everything you need!