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At Living Tree Designs, we believe in community over competition are are always looking to meet fellow creatives, artist, and models!

We are also always looking to help mentor and grow others and are always willing to help in any way we can! Have a question, feel free to use the contact form or shoot us a DM. We promise we aren’t A-Holes and will help answer your questions, deliver constructive criticism, or just be a listening ear!

We also offer one on one mentoring sessions starting at $200 and if cost is an option, we will gladly let you come in as an un-paid assistant or intern!

We also offer group classes starting at $75! Check below to see our next class!

List of Gear I Use

Gear I Recommend to New Photographers

Preferred Light Modifiers

Creative Work/Portfolio

Client Gift Idea

Square Processing Link - Get’s you 1k in free processing by using my referral link!

Shoot Proof - My go to for online galleries, contracts, and wedding invoicing! Sign up here for a free account!

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